Lauren Davies - Heka London, sensory design studio


HEKA is a sensory design studio with a focus on sustainability and wellbeing. In ancient Egypt, HEKA was the god of magic and medicine; the protector of the planet and humanity, associated with nature, herbs and ritual. HE means ‘to activate’ and KA is ‘the soul’. HEKA was founded to produce design that activates the soul.

Founded by Lauren Davies – a born and bred Londoner, HEKA is a studio built on my varied background and over 15 years experience in the design industry. Starting out in the fashion industry, I went on to study BA illustration at University of Brighton. I then worked as an art-director, set-designer and prop-maker before going on to study on the Design Products MA course at Royal College of Art. My motivation to do an MA was based on my frustrations around waste within the production industry. I wanted to find more meaningful and future-proof ways of designing that honoured the three pillars of sustainability – People, Planet, Profit.

I produce objects, prints, workshops and sensory experiences that exist at the intersection of art, design, craft and alchemy. By connecting people to natural materials, ingredients and processes that heighten the senses and evoke a feeling of wonder for nature, I strive to encourage a sustainable lifestyle.

Studio projects are often physical manifestations of emergent cultural drivers. These have influenced and continue to influence mainstream brands particularly within the beauty & fragrance, food & beverage and health & wellness industries.

I offer brand consultancy in the form of research, cultural insight, foresight, workshop participation and/or facilitation, product & design innovation, strategy and storytelling. Beyond the category or ‘stretch’ analysis and deep dive insight sessions are particular skills and passions. My curious mind—craving continual learning—seeks to connect the dots between culture and its impact on the future of branding, colour, consumption, design, flavour, fragrance, ingredients, materials and making. I use my practice to drive innovation, as we shift to more sustainable paradigms.

I have worked on projects for many leading global brands, as well as working as an integral part of the team for lean start-ups.

Themes I have explored through my consultancy work include: The future of sex and pleasure; sensorial beauty and cleaning; the future of shopping malls; the future of technology and the connected home; progressive natural ingredients for the future of food and beauty.

HEKA Services

I am an ideas person with a wealth of knowledge about and a passion for sustainable innovation, wellness and sensory design.

Industries I have worked within include: Health & Wellbeing / Beauty & Fragrance / Food & Beverage / Tech / Travel & Hospitality / Fashion & Textiles but my thinking and expertise can be applied to most industries and projects with a sensory objective.

Power Hour

Perhaps you are an existing brand and you want to find ways to make your company and products more sustainable but don’t know where to start. I offer 1 hour of consultancy over the phone or on Zoom to help get you started. I will send you a list of questions to complete prior to our call and then with this information, we can spend an hour working on some strategies to get you started on your sustainability journey.

Maybe you have an idea for a new beauty, food, drink, homeware or fashion product or business and you’d like to have an ideation session as a kickstart? Again, I will provide you with a list of questions to complete before we speak. Our hour-long session will be packed full of ideas to get your brain buzzing and give you the inspiration and information to start making that idea a reality.


Consultancy & Workshop Participation

If you are a brand looking to explore your storytelling potential through a compelling new sensory product or experience, we can collaborate. As a creative consultant, I can work with you right from the ideation stage, through developing, manufacturing and testing new products and right through to launching them. I work with a wide network of highly-skilled experts and manufacturers to bring even the most ambitious ideas to life.

Are you running a creative kick-off workshop in-house or with a client about a product you are looking to launch? Invite me in to help you brainstorm around a table with other people in your team. I believe that collaboration breeds the strongest, most disruptive ideas and I am in my element, sharing insights, solving problems and inventing the ideas of the future with other creatives and thinkers.

Whether you are looking for input on a totally new product, service or experience, or one to exist as part of an established brand or range, I can help you. If you only have the seed of an idea and need to flesh it out, or an almost established idea that needs a burst of new energy and constructive input I can aid you in propelling your project forward.

Perhaps you are trying to re-brand an existing brand or product to future-proof its place in the market and you want to elevate your sensory messaging or strategy? Or create new touch points through the senses? Customers are increasingly driven by an overall brand experience, not just product features. I can help you craft a multi-sensory brand strategy that will give you a competitive edge in your industry.

Prices from £500

Maybe there is something that you feel my skills could be applied to that isn’t listed above. I am always open to new projects and collaborations so contact me via email or give me a call to have a chat or find out about bespoke packages. I offer short complimentary discovery sessions where we can talk about your project and how we might be able to work together that you can book in for.