7 Products That Will Inspire Walks in Nature With Kids

Motivation to get outside for the next generation of curious innovators

This article appeared on Medium on 26th July 2020.

When I was a little girl, I hated it when my parents suggested going out for a walk or hike. I found the idea of a walk being an activity in itself so dull. I now appreciate a walk with no other purpose than enjoying the fresh air and view, but I have never fully grown out of wanting something more than just a walk.

I am allured by the opportunity for finding something new within my areas of interest. City walks are always full of excitement but the fruits of walks in nature only began to reveal themselves to me in my early twenties (pun intended). Now, I live for the chance to smell and identify new flowers, explore different colours in nature and forage for edible plants amongst other things. Nature really is an unlimited bounty of inspiration to delight all the senses.

As a parent, I am trying to foster a curiosity for nature in my kids. I aim to embed the idea of nature as a classroom within their earliest memories; to encourage them have a deep appreciation for nature and teach them the importance of protecting it for future generations. We play lots of games and I set fun challenges when we are out walking. This helps to keep energy levels high and distract from the otherwise frequent sitting protests and/or requests of shoulder rides. In another article I wrote on Medium I discussed how I used co-creation with my four-year-old to inspire my own creativity through activities I designed myself. However, I realise that in modern life, planning and executing activities is not always practical in combination with full-time work and other duties.

For those who need a little inspiration, there are some brilliant people and independent UK companies with books and activities to help children to connect with nature — and are also great for garden play — that will add an extra dimension to hikes with kids.

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